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The Importance of Double Cleansing

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You might think that just washing your face with one cleanser gets off everything that has been on your face. However, you might want to take this information into consideration. Since our faces get exposed to makeup, dirt, sweat, etc., it is very essential that we remove all of it as best as possible to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. Double cleansing lets us remove the things that we want to get rid of but WON’T over-strip the skin of it’s natural oils or leave it feeling tight and dry. It allows the skin to prepare for more products such as lotions and serums, and help them soak into the skin for greater effectiveness.

“Originating in Japan in the 1960s, the two-step double-cleansing method is based on a simple chemistry lesson: oil and water do not mix because of conflicting properties. Oil removes oil, such as sebum and makeup, and…

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5 Basic Skin Types – Which are You?


5 Basic Skin Types - Which are You?

You need to know what type of skin you have before you determine how to treat.

The 5 basic types are Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, and Sensitive Skin.

Ok great, but how do I know which I have? Just wipe your face in the morning with a clean facial tissue (or paper).

If you have Normal skin you will not see any traces of oil. Your skin should feel vibrant and elastic. Your skin looks smooth and clean and has good circulation.

If you have Dry skin, the paper will also not show any oil, but your face will feel dry, flaky and tight after you’ve wiped it. Dry skin might look great on you as a young person, but this skin type is prone to aging and irritation as you get older.

If you have Oily skin the paper will show spots of facial oil…

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Chasing Your Happiness

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Sometimes people ask me how to get
the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.
This question always sort of perplexes me. How can a stranger tell you how to make yourself want to do something? It seems to me that either you want to or you don’t and there’s nothing that anyone can say or do to change that.
self love quote 4
The day that you decide to do it…you will!
Until then, you might start but it probably won’t last. If you’re doing it because others want you to, it definitely won’t last. If you’re doing it because you want fast weight loss, it will be hard to keep it up because fast weight loss never lasts. If you have a ton of difficult challenges in your life, you may be using it all up on other things and at the end of the day, eating well or exercising just don’t make…

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